Conférence de Susan Brown (U of Guelph) @ McGill

In collaboration with the « LinkedMusic Project » led by Ich Fujinaga, Susan Brown will deliver a talk entitled “FAIR Enough? On the infrastructure challenge and linking cultural data” at McGill University on Wednesday 13 March @ 2pm:

The FAIR principles promote the reuse of research data in terms that make sense to humanities scholars, stressing context and provenance alongside machine readability. This paper outlines how the Linked Infrastructure for Networked Cultural Scholarship‘s suite of tools and workflows aligns with those principles, and asks what more is required to create truly FAIR data infrastructure to best serve humanities researchers and the cultural sector more broadly.

Bio: Susan Brown is Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Digital Scholarship and Professor of English at the University of Guelph. Her work explores intersectional feminism, literary history, semantic technologies, and scholarly infrastructure. She co-directs the Orlando Project, and directs the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory and Linked Infrastructure for Networked Cultural Scholarship.

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